About Us

Rope Access is a division of Smashing! Cleaning Services, the best-known, multiple-award winning technical cleaning services provider in the UAE, and is the latest addition to the growing number of niche cleaning solutions we provide. With over 12 years experience in the UAE with a great number of projects in a variety of disciplines, Smashing! are now applying their recognized brand of service and professionalism to the rope access industry.  

In extending established principles to this new division, Rope Access envisage emulating their parent company in offering an award-winning industry-leading level of quality and service.

Mission Vision
To be the customer's first choice when it comes to specialist rope-access cleaning services, and to establish our brand as a symbol of excellence in the industry. To provide safe, efficient, and comprehensive solutions for our customers while being competitive in a market dominated by larger, well-established providers.




Windows and Building Wash


Keeping a building looking clean is a major task. This task becomes more difficult particularly as the UAE continues to develop through new construction which inevitably increases pollution and smog increases. External cleaning not only enhances the buildings physical appearance but increases its lifespan, helping to reduce ongoing costs for you and your business.


Rope Access Middle East - Division of Smashing! Cleaning Services

Phone: 800 4 2634| 050 6124269

Email: sales@smashingclean.com

Coordinates: 25.154537, 55.2336667

Makani No. : 21982 83238


Rope Access provide specialist rope-access solutions for a variety of cleaning requirements, from industrial to commercial projects, across a variety of sectors and industries. Cleaning of external building fa├žades, as well as internal installations and structures, using rope access method is the most efficient and safe method of achieving the best result possible. Other methods such as BMU Cradles increase the risk of damage to the area being cleaned, as well as being slower and offering less flexibility for access to areas that require cleaning. Rope access cleaning also ensures the highest level of safety for our operatives is attained while enabling them to deliver the highest quality of work. Our commitment to safety, quality, and value make Rope Access a premium choice for specialist rope-access cleaning projects.